Sunday, March 4, 2018


Shelby and Aesop sit down with accomplished author (Swedish Death Metal, Violent Italy, Swedish Sensationsfilms) and musician (Insision, Iron Lamb, Diskonto, Third Storm, Tyrant, Usurpress, Dellamorte, etc) Daniel Ekeroth to discuss his career in extreme media, from the punk and hardcore roots of metal to the European influx of B-movie slasher and horror films to the undeniable fact that Finland doesn't actually exist. It's a surreal, over-saturated giallo of discourse, culminating in a tense, horrifying shocker of a finale--leaving all participants confused, blood-covered, and wielding large kitchen knives.

What else? Well: Band Economics 101, People Are Allowed To Have Opinions, Dario Argento's Comic Book Store, Born-Again Christian Harry Reems, Drunk At The Gym, A Miserable Small Town In Northern Sweden Ripped Wide Open By Napalm Death, Yngwie J. Malmsteen Smoking Crack Inside of A Hollowed-Out Marshall Cabinet, Japanese Hardcore And You And Me, Aesop's Cool Story About The Nocturnus Book He Didn't Write (Extended, Remixed Version), Exactly One Hundred Years of Censorship, Let The Write One In, The Day Burzum Ruined Everything, Where The Fish Are Made of Candy, Remembering The Alamo (Drafthouse), Dismember-ing The Malmö (Sweden), Drinking Vodka Whilst Driving And Also Yelling At Pedestrians, Sacramento: California's Finland, Wishing A Speedy Recovery To Lemmy Kilmeister, Daniel Tells That Same Story Everyone Has About Their Mom Throwing Out All Their Old Star Wars And Ninja Turtles Action Figures Except It's About Obscure Death Metal Demos This Time, Floridian Methamphetamines And The Bentonomicon, Krug Life, Talkin' Vomitory, The Shape of Cum To Punk, The Malort Connection, Enamel Pin Chat, Last Houses: On The Lefts vs On Dead End Streets, Cult Movie Convention Etiquette, Remember When Voivod Covered The Batman Theme Song?, That Tacqueria In Oslo, Norway That The Guy From Wall of Voodoo Owns, Death Lays An Egg, An Amuse Bouche of Riffs, 100 Beers A Day From 1985 To 1995, "Rashomon" Except It's A Sex Comedy, A Sandwich (The Wegetarian Wersion), No Klingon Dick, The Time Aesop Punched Shelby At The Ruby Room, Beach Friend, Hat Talk, Nap Eyes, Overwhelming Colorfast (Again), Jackin' It To Swedish Aviation Magazines, Les Schwab: Pride And Performance, "The Chicago Handshake", Cutlering Books, Porn And Toilets, Un-Nice Scene Beef, 3 People In A Shitty Hotel Wayyy Outside Baltimore, Kind Of Goblinlike, Rancid Shit, Soft Puke, Torsos, The DMD Bump, and, as always, Fatherly Advice. Not gonna lie, this is a really good episode. Well... It's ok. It's... It's at least better than that last one with Tony Molina.


Insision, "World Impaled"

Usurpress, "Interregnum"

Slamahoochee, "Denny's Lumberjack Slam Breakfast (Come Undone)(feat. Tony Molina)"

PS: That Korean horror movie from 2016 is "The Wailing", dammit.


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