Sunday, December 3, 2017


In today's installment, the Dads convene upstairs at The DNA Lounge in scenic San Francisco with one-man wrecking crew Paul Ryan (Origin) to discuss licks, riffs, shreds, dicks, and donuts. It's a veritable buffet of off-color topics, ending in a crescendo of shame and horror. Join us!

Also open for debate: Your Dad's Dick, Shred Begley Jr., More Than a Feeling, Death Metal Dads (Now On Netflix), Dead On A Cruise Ship, How Sociopathetics Clip Your Toenails, BYOB Strip Clubs, Mostly Cum And Farts, The Entire Shipping Department At Camco Drum Pedals, An Automotive Diagnostic of Death Metal Music, Hot Takes About Obituary, Now With The Internet And Everything, The VP of Sweeps, Hitler Was A Vegan, Infernal Hailz/Come To Brasil, "Nature Is My Jam", Dez Cadena In A Dashiki, Topeka/Tapioca, Good Times At The Maritime Hall (RIP) and The Pound (RIP), A Lot Of Talk About Gorefest, Paul's Seaside Estate, George Lucas vs Lucas Mann, An Intimate Phone Encounter, Hatebreed Hatespeech, Fairly Biblical, The Car Crash Story, Exhumed And Their Halfway House Program, A "Covfefe" Reference, Bad Ideas For "Bonus Content", Thrash Metal Bangs, Our Stupid Ass Show, NASCAR's Mike Smith, Suffocation's Mike Smith, Strange Things Afoot In The Back Room At Guitar Center, Shelby's Racism... Exposed!, If At The Gates Were Younger And More Attractive, Steel Toe Abortions, Rubik's Cubes And Rotary Phones, The Benefits of A Plant-Based Diet, A Wizard In A Garage Making Amps and Pedals, Sixty Acres of Land In Marin, Mike And The Mechanics Chat, A Black Metal Band In Tennis Clothing, "The Bleeding", "The Hurting", "The Wizard of Oz", and "Dark Side of The Moon", Gangbanging For God, A Simply Red Cassette In A Nissan Pathfinder, The Fixie Bikes And The Ironic Moustaches, Four Kinds of Vegan Donuts, Phobiaphobic, Fatherly Advice, and of course, The DMD... Plug?


Origin, "Mithradatic"

The Manson Family, "Scratching Peace Symbols In Your Tombstone"



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