Sunday, September 3, 2017


In today's exhaustive expulsion of erratic estimations, the Dads are joined in the loud and stinky bowels of the Oakland Music Complex by comedian, weirdo, vocalist, and fellow dad Scott Vermeire (Sad Vicious, Talkies). After a couple shots of Jeppson's Malort, the conversation quickly turns to sadness and desperation, culminating in the cathartic howls of grown men paying tortured obeisance to their own quiet mortality. Dick jokes too!

Also contained within these cursed 80 minutes: An Awkward Encounter, One Million Tugs, Vaudeville!, The Traditional Consumption of Regional Liqueurs and Resulting Regrets (Two-Fisted Enthusiasm), Endless Elder Archons, Blowing Hobos, Fetish-Inclusive Boner Chat, When The Lights Go Out In The Practice Space, A Dickensian Gig, The Menstrual Hut, Rastafarians And Naughty Dogs, Fretless Bass Corrections Officers, The Thing That Happened At Sketchfest AKA Comedy Sucks, A Vicious Bicycle From Minnesota, The Return of The Thing About The Dog And The Peanut Butter, Investing Time And Money In Specifically Non-Marketable Entertainment Ventures, The Radley Metzger Story (A Vigorous Beej), MESSAGETRIBE!, The Smell of the Rag That The Uncle Used, A Small World, A Big Mistake, Yelling Things On Public Transportation, The World Is A Vampire, Recently-Incinerated Piles of Cash Having Sex, Dick Polaroids, The Guy With The Puppets, Really Great Rallies, A Shout Out To Kaseem Bentley, What Burns Always Returns, Breakin' On Through, A Lot of Talk About Shnarch, Shoplifting With A Broken Arm, Getting Drunk At A Wedding And Misplacing Your Child, The Jackoff Cone, True Confessions, The Return of Borscht Belt Comedy, Pornography And Telephones, Pun Guys, Nude Dads, Totebaggin', Lord Iffybottom And The Bawdy Tale of The Naked Chicken Chalupa, Jerkin' It To 'Barry Lyndon', Huggalos, Feeding The Sea Monkeys, A Little Horse, Why There Aren't Any Asian People In The Bay Area, Dad Sex, Unintentional Fatherly Advice, and, as always, the DMD Bump. We're tired of doing this!


Pavor, "Corpses"

Chaki, "Tired of Sex"


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