Sunday, January 1, 2017


In 2017’s very first episode of DMD, Aesop and Shelby ride a veritable carousel of questionable and low-brow topics, in a laudable (no wait, AUDIBLE) effort to make sense of the cruel and death-filled month that was December 2016. It’s a colon-cleansing romp of epic proportions!

Discussed herein: Truth and Freedom in Podcasting, Facefucked By Mr. Belding, All He Wanted Was A Chocolate Milk, Hate Mail From John Hand, Brett Hoffmann’s Feelings About The Broward County Jail, A Fecal “Irish Goodbye”, Carrie Fisher Chat, The Cut of George Michael’s Jib, Dan Blocker From Television’s ‘Bonanza’, The Dune Holiday Special, Cynthia Rothrock You Like A Hurricane (Of Martial Arts and Mom Jeans), The Anal-conda, Chris Hansen: TV’s #1 Cock-Blocker, Sweatpants Chat, Aesop’s Abortion, Shelby’s Speed-Pill Addiction, A Gyroscopic Thing Flying Into A Butthole In Space, Jeff Goldblum’s Cock, Suspicions About Rototomas’ Sobriety, Spermicidal Tendencies, Chugging NyQuil, Assholes From Modesto, Nuclear War Later!, The Finished-Upon Obituary Hat, Psyllium Husk Pro Tips, Rum-Chata, Cleveland: The Mistake By The Lake, Empty Nest, Dear John, and Other Sad 90’s TV Shows, Bus Boners, Extremely Liberal Use of the Word “Faggot”, The Strange and Public Termination of Gus Rios, The DMD Bump, Fatherly Advice, and a heaping portion of unsolicited “bonus material". It sucks, but you’ll learn to like it. Don’t take it personal.


Malevolent Creation, “Multiple Stab Wounds”

Q Lazzarus, “Goodbye Horses”

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