Sunday, July 3, 2016


In today's enlightening installment, the Dads are guestless and return to The Dad Pad to gather their thoughts, drown their sorrows, and really get back to what's important--Mike Smith from Suffocation's rap career. But that's not all! Despite shitty audio and malfunctioning recording devices, they dive into a deep, tepid pool of subjects, including but not limited to: Suspicious Discharge, An Awkward Engagement In A Rest Stop Bathroom, A Corn-Studded Fuckturd, The Smart & Final Solution, Musings on The Back Cover of "Effigy of the Forgotten", Donald Duckin' vs. Porky Piggin', Clip Shows, Blooper Reels, Double-Donging, Tony Molina's New Gravity BlastCast, The Ballad of Dwayne and Rusty and The One-Armed Shotgun Dad, A Semi-Efficient Killing Machine (At Best), A Sex Query From Jaleel White, "Hey, Are You Guys In A Family?", A Brief History of Toilet Vocals, One Cock-Sweater With Reindeer On It: Size Small, Father/Son Bonding at the Suffocation Show, The All-New Death Metal Dads Fuck Apron With A Dickhole In It From Hide The Bodies Press, Haitian Winston and the Pizza Hut Vagina, East Oakland's Zombie Chicken Outbreak, Aesop Ate Brad, Post-Abortion Breakfasts, Frank Mullen: Patron Saint of Death Metal Dads, Good Ol' Fatherly Advice, PLUS Listener Emails, TWO New Segments (Dad Sex Vol. 1 AND The DMD Bump: Ball-Washing Edition) AND A Bonus Dad-Fuckin' Story! HOLY CRAP WHAT A PODCAST!


Suffocation, "Breeding The Spawn"
Inculcator, "Stygian Expanse (Malus Peior Malum)"

(Also featuring special appearances by Erika Osterhout, Marissa Martinez-Hoadley, and Brian Hoadley as The People Laughing at Aesop In The Hallway)

(Local underwriting by The 3 Rings Liquor Foundation)

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