Sunday, June 5, 2016


Welcome to Episode 6, recorded live in a boiling-hot practice space on the third floor of the Oakland Music Complex! In today's auditory adventure, the Dads are joined by Eric Cutler (Autopsy, Necrosic) to expound upon an array of inane and beer-soaked subjects, surrounded by vintage smut and Star Wars memorabilia.

Topics discussed herein: Man Kegels, A Lack of Electricity & Apologies For Slapping, 16 Years on the Couch Drinking Beer, The Ken Burnses of Death Metal Podcasting, Antioch's Sadus Statue, A Petition For More Guitar In The Monitors, You Have Bad Taste In Things, Fun With Shitfun!, Unholy Blackened Death Thrash Farmer Grampa, Solicitations For Dad Sex, A Lot of Talk About Quilts, Alienating Autopsy, More Shit-Talking on Glen Benton, A Hole In The Cyclone Fence That You Climb Through To Smoke Weed With Chuck Schuldiner, Don't Talk Between Songs, THE DMD BUMP, Inquisition Wants You To Drive Safe, An Apology To Mom, Aesop On Shelby's Shoulders Wearing A Long Trench Coat Posing For A Picture With Dan Lilker, 105 Degrees in the Museum of Porn, Proud Father of a Rototom-Playing Son, A Letter To Aerosmith: The Whitford/Hamilton Affair, Sizzler Is The Sweatpants of Restaurants, and of course, everyone's favorite segment, Fatherly Advice. It's a good one. Tune in!

Autopsy, "In The Grip of Winter"
Necrosic, "Squirming In Your Guts"

We want to give you bad sex advice:

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