Friday, February 17, 2012


Apocryphon's new singer

Does anyone still read Illogical Contraption? I mean, I hope so. But my neglect for this, the birthplace of so so many strange and wonderful things, is utterly inexcusable. Truth is, my computer took a dump, and then my other computer took a dump, and then (Odin help me) I got caught up in Twitter (fuck you, I'm on Twitter now, so what?) and Tumblr and some other instant-gratification sites for awhile, and then I played a bunch of shows, and then I lost my mind for a little bit, and then I recuperated. But I'm back now, baby. And I brought you flowers. Can't things just be like they used to? C'mon baby, you know Ike loves you.

I will also gladly blame IllCon Radio for stealing my time, attention, and research skills--the show has gotten way less shitty in the last couple installments, and if you haven't yet, I highly recommend checking out both Episode 21 with Aesop Dekker and Genesis P. Orridge as well Episode 22 with Shane Durgee, amateur cryptozoologist and founding member of Earth Crisis. You should really just subscribe on iTunes, though (and rate us!). I'm pretty sure tonight's guest is Parker Bowman, that insufferable prick from Pool Party Radio and Junk Food Dinner. Also another guy. Or girl. So check that out.

Speaking of being too busy to write anything significant here anymore:


with: WORM UOROBOROS (basically my favorite all-female death metal band)


OLD CROW (No web presence yet, I guess. But they kick ass.) and


We're playing a show with BADR VOGU, PRIZE HOG, and this sick freak at the Hemlock in SF April 29th:


A short Northern California tour with supreme ultimate party bros Hazzard's Cure some time in April. I'll keep you all abreast of further developments, I swear. Here's to new computers!

Sorry again for the long absence, gang. I promise I won't ever, ever neglect you like that again.


Cory said...

you guys bump OWL out of the Eli's house band spot?

Jason said...

Hey bro, I still read this blog. Sometimes. More Mexican pornogrind please.

Demon Scourge said...

tNot a single day goes by that I don't check for new posts! I frickin' love this damn blog. Apocryphon is righteous as well. Had a snowy drinkin' session with that and some random BM yesterday afternoon along with my boy Bloodmace. Hail to you from Grand Rapids MI!

gog said...

i also enjoy the IllCon and reach for my dosage whenever I can.

Steven said...

I still stop by regular like. IllCon is the world's only reliable news source...

RyGar said...

Stick to your guns, son! COBRAS in 2012!

Geoffrey said...

Dude i just listened to episode 3? of the podcast and I fucking loved it. It was the one where you talked about crack and movies. maybe thats every show. Anyway, i subscribed to the cast and everything but i dont get to download previous broadcasts. the links from your blog are shite. anyway can you hook up older casts on itunes? yeah

Geoffrey said...

disregard that last comment. i am a fool.Great blog though.