Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pagan Altar - Volume 1 (1982)

I'm not entirely sure what to put here to be honest. This band simply rules. Pure, plain, and simple and if you think otherwise, I'm not sure what to tell you other than: "...that's a bloody shame!" As I sit here typing in between my Ecology class and Senior capstone class, I am actually wearing a Pagan Altar shirt. Yep, you heard me correct! I'm THAT much of a fan...

Normally I'd discuss the band in more depth, and I'd probably would disclose more detail on my introduction and experience with the band, but seeing as I only have a few spare minutes to type said post, and furthermore I still have yet to run to the restroom, then eat, and prepare for my next class of course - not to mention get to the damned class on time - I'm going to leave you with this:

This band rules. Period. This release, titled Volume 1, was Pagan Altar's first full length and recorded in 1982 but was not officially released until 1998. If you're a fan of doom metal, and further NWOBHM, you cannot go wrong with this release. Fans of Black Sabbath, Witchcraft, Candlemass, Angel Witch and Pentagram look no further!
This is truly a great listen and is recommended to all who are into heavy metal, doom, and rock. Again, this band rules.

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Nekromantis said...

One of my favourite bands as well - to the point that I also have their shirt :D

I would argue that (at least in Mythical & Magical) they are just as much "folk metal" as they are doom/doomy heavy metal and I mean it in a good way. This is how it should be done! No kitchy bagpipes and violins married with generic melodic death/black metal/europower and more like The Wickerman soundtrack meets a more occult and serious incarnation of Witchfinder General and top of that got a serious fetish for 70's hard rock. Very druidish and unsettling!

Aegipan said...

I concur with your above observation. They are just as much "folk metal" to an extent as they are doom/heavy. I dig the Wickerman reference.

Vikare said...

Likewise, I cannot fault this stunning band. Picked up all three full-lengths for £24 (UK here)!

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Anonymous said...

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